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David the Stylist

David Lerouw Lascurain had been steaming, pinning, sewing and diligently assisting some of the top stylists in South Africa for many years up until five years ago when he realized the time had come for him to venture out on his own. In a flash he was involved with numerous advertising agencies and heading the start of Woolworths ecommerce online store at Isobar as the Key stylist, once they had decided to go in house he was head hunted into WW HQ. 

After four great years with them he realized its time to wander back into the colorful and creative jungle of Fashion as a freelance stylist. This is where he felt he has always belonged. David thrives on gratification and in this competitive industry one must produce a caliber of work that intern awards gratitude.  With many accolades, such as Fashion Director at Code Nast SA and a large client portfolio - now based in Europe, he continues working in the advertising and editorial sector. 

David is a creative soul inside and out and prides himself on not only pushing the bar but working closely with his peers, ever learning, ever listening, ever evolving and ever humble. Making sure it's all done with a laugh and friendly attitude, wow is work but a mile does help.


"Once you grow and learn as a freelancing creative, you realize extremely soon what the important values of life are, your strengths and weaknesses drive you to be master of your art, and the compass of your destiny." - David 

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